A vessel for her collected experience, this website encompasses Thordis Simonsen’s life as a writer, a visual artist, a stonemason, and a traveler in Greece. The site serves also as a catalyst for your own bold adventures and genuine encounters in life and in art.

Whether creative nonfiction author Thordis Simonsen is writing about herself or others, every story is a genuine encounter.

visual art
Thordis Simonsen invites the viewer to approach her paintings in the same spirit that she created them—with openness and curiosity.

Thordis Simonsen's multi-media program, “Building on Memory,” is one woman’s soulful and inspiring journey of self-discovery.

astra writing in greece
Picture yourself traveling and writing in the company of a few good women in the land that inspired Homer, Sappho, and Kazantzakis.

excursions in greece
Your travels in Greece with seasoned guide Thordis Simonsen will inspire appreciation, reverence, and sometimes awe.